SETA Accredited ECD Higher Certificate Level 5

By Cathy Fry

Ukhanyiso Ebantwini

The purpose of this course is to build people who are required to implement comprehensive safety and health policies in a holistic, inclusive and developmentally appropriate way in association with families and the wider community. This course is about promoting healthy development in ECD programmes. It will be useful to practitioners working with children between birth and the age of 9 in all types of settings. It consists of 1 module with five study units. Study unit 1: Promoting the safety of children and adults. Study unit 2: Promoting and advocating good health and nutrition practices. Study unit 3: Facilitating the learning and development of children. Study unit 4: Promoting each child’s emotional and social development. Study unit 5: Using specific strategies to help individual children learn.

Please note that this is the whole qualificaiton consisting of 5 modules.

CPTD Points: 35 Type 3 (Whole qualification)*

*Please note: This is exclusive of an assessment fee which is an additional R350 to R500 per module if you wish to do the assessment.

Cost: R500 excluding VAT

Duration: As long as you need


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