Leading and Managing a School

By Cathy Fry

Ukhanyiso Ebantwini

This module is designed for members of school management teams to develop and implement leadership and management skills in their schools or for aspiring school leaders.

In the first section of this course, we spend a great deal of time talking about leadership, leadership theories and leadership styles. We look at the qualities of a leader, and we look at some examples of good leadership globally.

Concepts of leadership are changing internationally, and South Africa is no exception in interrogating past perceptions of leadership and management. How organisations need to move forward can no longer be understood by using the same models, language and analysis that served leaders in the past. The leaders that South Africa needs must be both inspirational and inspired; have a vision and be able to enthuse others to share it; manage chaos and complexity while ensuring that there is still enough stability to ensure the smooth daily operations of the organisation.

Leaders need to be able to change direction at the drop of a hat, without losing the support of their colleagues and stakeholders.  They need to be creative in managing the emotional impact of constant change.

In the second section of the course we look at management.  We discuss the main differences between being a leader and a manager, what a manager is and what a manager does. Peter Drucker in ‘The Principles of Management states that: “Management is a multi-purpose organ that manages a business and manages managers and manages workers and work.”

CPTD Points: 15 Type 3 Points

Cost: R400

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