Assertiveness Training and Conflict Resolution

By Cathy Fry

Ukhanyiso Ebantwini

Ultimately members of the human race are unable to live with each other without conflict. This tendency towards conflict is an ever-present danger in business and is yet another challenge for the manager. Individuals experience conflict when their opinions, values, needs or actions are in opposition to others. Teams experience conflict as they learn to work together. Conflict can lead to more open communication, creative problem solving and enhanced relationships. BUT, when it is not managed effectively, it can result in destroyed relationships. As a leader/manager, it is essential to accept conflict, see it as an opportunity and manage it in such a way that enhances the competence and commitment of all parties involved. All parties gain more by cooperation than by conflict. Learn more about how to use conflict in a constructive and positive way by doing this workshop.

CPTD Points: 15 Type 3

Cost: R400 excluding VAT

Duration: As long as you need


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